Study the Bible for Yourself

What is truth?

—Pontius Pilate.

I am a sincere Christian. I have seen much of the Christian religion and I have compared it to the teachings of the scriptures. This blog is a place where I can reflect about how the doctrines of men have replaced the commands of God. Men’s doctrines have placed sincere Christians in much bondage, for selfish gain. Be ready to be challenged. Do not react emotionally, but think…and be set free from the chains of man-made religion. Come to know the simplicity and beauty of the Christian life, free from the bondage of greedy, selfish men, who exploit God’s people for their own gain. There is truth, and we can know it. Seek the truth by studying the Bible. Do not seek truth in religious organizations and do not seek truth from the servants of religious organizations. Read the Bible for yourself. Learn from God’s words. Today’s religious organizations and religious leaders are like those that Jesus spoke of: “Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.” (Matthew 15:9)

The Truth Shall Set you Free

Published by thinkingchristians999

I have had the joy of walking with the Lord for 40 years. I'm so thankful for his salvation, and for His love and leading through the years.

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