A fundamentally wrong idea that keeps Christians from growing spiritually

I believe that God gave all 66 books of the Bible to us. Every book, chapter, verse, phrase and word is important. They are gifts from God, given to help us to know how to walk in the light, while in this world of darkness. Every believer should work very hard to to understand every principle, and to live it out in his life. 

Those who want to dismiss certain parts of the Bible as less important, unimportant, or irrelevant, are wrong. I always challenge such people, who say “only the fundamentals matter.”


Anyone who wants to dismiss ANY of God’s words as unimportant has suspect motives. He is pursuing goals that are different from God’s goals. Even if his goals are cloaked in religious trappings, they are still contrary to God, and we should oppose him strongly.

To grow in our faith, we need to study, understand and apply ALL of the scriptures.

And we need to learn how to work together with other believers to seek and live the truth of the WHOLE Bible.

It is hard work, but it will help us to grow, individually, and collectively as the Body of Christ.

Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path.

Published by thinkingchristians999

I have had the joy of walking with the Lord for 40 years. I'm so thankful for his salvation, and for His love and leading through the years.

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