HELP!!! I can’t survive for one month without a pastor!

Based on the number of pastors who are delivering sermons and worship services by live streaming (and in some cases, in the flesh) during this ‘unprecedented time’ of the COVID-19 lockdown, I get the impression that there are many Christians who cannot survive for even one month without a weekly spiritual spoon-feeding from their gurus.

Is this really the case? Are Christians so infantile that they cannot feed themselves for a month? If so, this is a VERY SAD state of affairs. Christians should view this time as an opportunity to study God’s Word, to pray more, and to connect (often virtually) with their families, friends and fellow believers. It’s a time to grow closer to God, without relying on anyone else to have the responsibility for our spiritual growth.

Pastors should allow the members of their flock to practice and apply what they’ve taught them; to allow them to experience being ‘out of the nest;’ to allow them to draw close to God on their own, without relying on a ‘Guru’ to lead them into a ‘deeper’ spiritual state. It must be difficult for many pastors to let their ‘children’ grow up; perhaps they are worried that they may no longer be needed, or that their revenue streams will wither away. Similar to empty nester parents, pastors may be afraid that their ‘children’ will grow up and become independent. While it’s understandable that they may feel this way, it is not a mature, godly perspective. It is time for pastors to sit back and enjoy watching people apply what they’ve learned through years of sermons, worship services and church programs.

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I have had the joy of walking with the Lord for 40 years. I'm so thankful for his salvation, and for His love and leading through the years.

6 thoughts on “HELP!!! I can’t survive for one month without a pastor!

  1. Very excellent content!

    You expressed two things that hadn’t occurred to me.

    People needing to be spoon fed by pastors to keep their fire lit.

    And pastors fearing losing followers.

    Well hopefully everyone will grow in the Lord during this unique situation. 😀👍

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      1. Thank you for liking my post “Is this the time for social disobedience?” You are absolutely right about the “empty nest syndrome” that pastors have. I’ve been involved with ministry for 48 years and have noted the same fear. I wrote my book to help any Christian learn how to mature just like you noted in your post. Pastors want to keep their flock perpetual children, but God wants His children to mature and walk with Him. I hope you will be inspired to get my book to see what I mean. (Ebook is only $8.99 at Amazon) I wrote the book to help any Christian, it really doesn’t matter what denomination you follow, God is truly interdenominational.

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  2. By the way, can I get your permission to repost articles you write that I like on my blog site? I want to be able to keep your post intact and still give you credit for your writing. You are insightful and really showing that you have spiritual maturity. God Bless You.

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