Christianity’s COVID Virus: Financial Conflict of Interest

A major affliction of the Body of Christ involves financial conflict of interest (FCOI). Like the COVID-19 virus, which invades a person’s body, hijacks his cells, and makes him very sick, FCOI has infected the Body of Christ, possessed the souls of its leaders, and made it seriously ill.

HELP!!! I can’t survive for one month without a pastor!

What is the psychology of those who feel it necessary to attend church services during the COVID-19 pandemic? What motivates religious leaders to continue to offer church services during the pandemic? Fear may be a key motivator for both kinds of individuals.

Don’t ever stop thinking

Cults, abusive religious leaders, and false teachers want people to stop thinking, so that they can take advantage of them. When I was in a cult, I had to suppress my doubts and suspicions many times in order to stay in the group. Whenever I saw or heard something that didn’t seem right, I thoughtContinue reading “Don’t ever stop thinking”

A fundamentally wrong idea that keeps Christians from growing spiritually

I believe that God gave all 66 books of the Bible to us. Every book, chapter, verse, phrase and word is important. They are gifts from God, given to help us to know how to walk in the light, while in this world of darkness. Every believer should work very hard to to understand everyContinue reading “A fundamentally wrong idea that keeps Christians from growing spiritually”

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Paid religious professionals have a financial conflict of interest that prevents them from interpreting the Bible correctly. They interpret through a lens that filters out things that could potentially damage their revenue streams.

Study the Bible for Yourself

What is truth? —Pontius Pilate. I am a sincere Christian. I have seen much of the Christian religion and I have compared it to the teachings of the scriptures. This blog is a place where I can reflect about how the doctrines of men have replaced the commands of God. Men’s doctrines have placed sincereContinue reading “Study the Bible for Yourself”